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For Payroll software, I use Moneysoft Payroll Manager.  The programme is easy to install and very simple to use.  It is a lot cheaper than other Payroll packages, yet gives all the reports and services that you need.

Click on the following link to see their website 

">RTI Payroll Software

For bookkeeping software:
We use VT Transaction + to produce all VAT returns and accounts.  I happily recommend this software to my clients.  It is so simple to use and there is a free version that you can download from their website.  I can easily train you on how to use it and then I can import your data directly into my system in order to produce the accounts
I use Tasbooks for some bookkeeping:
A couple of clients use Sage One for their bookkeeping and I am fully trained in that:
and for tax return software, I use Andica:
There are various other software packages out there but these are the ones that I use personally
I am also trained in Sage One, Xero, Quickbooks and Excel cashbooks.